Blonde Attitude

I had a live version of this song recorded with Sue and Lynn as back up singers during a Rose River gig for my first cd but I really wanted to share this country rocker party song after Wayne (drums) and Tim (electric guitar) did an incredible job to bring it to life. Definitely is the most electric song on Bones.


Steady Heart – Vicky Emerson (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

She’s almost a neighbor of mine, just 2.5 hours away..

Dancing About Architecture

I think it’s fair to say, without the risk of sounding sexist, that the album currently playing on my stereo is one written by a female and largely intended for a female audience. It’s true that within most arenas of creativity, be it books, films, television shows or music that if you can capture the female audience, you’ve got a hit. We all remember the fuss surrounding the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ books, and ‘The Greatest Showman’, a film released quite recently, panned by critics but audiences loved it.

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Family Tree

Take a little walk right back in time

Feel the wind cool the warm sunshine

Grab the hand of the one you love

Feel the love lookin from above

Just a branch in the family tree

They’re just folk like you & me

Sim’lar eyes, ears, hands & weight

We’re all linked to a common faith

Promenade to a dosey do

Family history we ought to know

Cowboy boots and petticoats

Dancin to the old timey notes



In a farm house out of town

Friends all meet & gather round

Once a year in mid-July

They all travel far & wide

Sing & dance and have some fun

Exactly why they always come

They all leave with memories

Branches of a family tree

 © Rose Riversongs 2005 David Schipper

Take a little walk back in time with this great country bluegrass tune about family reunions. We’re all branches in some family tree and when we look around we see similar eyes, ears, hands and weight. Enjoy the fiddle from the incredible Jessie McDonald from the Pigtown Fling Stringband, and harmonies from the Lucky Dog band. If you would like to buy the song or just read more about us go to Hope you enjoy this trip back to July no matter when you take a chance to watch it. Barn photo by Madison Lysacker and Jessie’s photo by Greg Tooke

Diamonds on her Shoes

She’s got diamonds on her shoes,

she’s paid her dues

She’s slick as a cat, and that’s a fact.

Street worn, some bed sheets torn

Call her late, it’s worth the wait

The night is filled with souls like her

The devil has his cards laid out

It’s deuces wild, with Jacks better

Tonight the stakes might just be lights out

It’s just a sales trip, the Jack lets slip

Pocket full of cash, and his mind of ash

A night full of tricks, next day full of shit

He called her late, and it spelled his fate.

Back on the street, she does compete

She’s slick as a cat, and known for that

More diamonds on her shoes, she doesn’t lose

Call her late, and test your fate.
by Dave Schipper Rose Riversongs © 2005

Another Shot of Whiskey

Here’s a sad country song about a love that just fell apart when it got smelly around the place. Lonely is his fate, but he’s not really sure if he should admit it, or just have another bowl of chili and a trip the liquor store for some more Jack Daniels.

The glass is on the table

Just where you left it

Girl I’m strong and able

Could you give it a rest

Yep don’t give me started

You know I’m downhearted

The moment I farted

And you left me there

One last shot of Whiskey

Another night alone

I would tell you I’m lonely

If it would bring you home

My eyes were burning

And my stomach turning

I guess I’ll won’t learn

To control my gas

I feel like an ass

The lowest of class

I’ll plead for you back

My prettiest flower (Chorus)

Sure miss your cooking

The way you used cumin

I’m just way to human

So I’ll live by myself.

One last shot of Whiskey

Another bowl of chili

Babe it sure gets lonely

And smelly around here (Chorus)

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

2018 music memories

Every year I make a few playlists of songs that I added to my iTunes library and the highlights. This year was an incredible year of additions, plus I bought or was gifted 14 new vinyl lps. All precious. First pass of memories included songs from Sofia Talvik, Caitlin Jemma, The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers, Beth WoodChicago Farmer, and Humbird who played the house concert, and Dusty Heart who will play next year. All precious friends who have written gems you should all have in your library. This year we met Vivian Leva, Hayley Sabella, Tough Old Bird, mike munson, David Nash, and The Nunnery all about town. The Whispering Tree asked for a booking at the house concert and I fell in love with a few songs of their music. Then there is Seasaw what is there not to love of those two women. We ended watching a one season wonder called Roadies and ended up with loving three renditions of old songs. Then I sat imported some vinyl including a Kate Wolf gem. 2018 also found me in a songwriting class with the marvelous Miss Tess and picked up her cd. Finally I had a life’s goal covered by my favorite stringband, Pigtown Fling String Band when they handed me a CD of two of my songs covered and recorded by them. Throw in seeing Brandi Carlile and Jackson Browne in concert at the Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua, learning a NEW John Prine song, and I had a dang great music year. Attached to the note is CD cover and first 25 song mix.

Of course I highly recommend you find these musicians, buy their music and not just stream it. If you want to know more about the house concert series, here’s our Facebook link.