Video Premier March 29th

The official music video to Lucky Dog’s new country classic is being released March 29th at 5:00 Central Standard US. This 30 something on his second go around is determined to not screw it up this time. So take divorce, add in beer, bars, fiddle and guitar and it’s a perfect Americana Country song. The sad lonely fiddle captures the mood, but like in a good movie, this one ends happy. The lyrics, chords, and music licensing are at our website : The video includes Dave Schipper : Guitar / Vocals / Writer Jessie McDonald : Fiddle Lynn Konsela : Harmony Linda Vale : Star with a dimple Zack Gaugush : Lonesome 30 something Band was filmed at Bluff View House Concerts in Holmen WI by Terry Konsela Couple was filmed at Pearl Street Brewery in La Crosse WI by Rogie Films Directed and Edited by Lucky Dog

Review of Family Tree

Lucky Dog is a charismatic music project with a passion for Americana. The project was created by David Schipper, a songwriter with a life-long fascination for quality music and authentic songwriting.

Lucky Dog is based out of La Crosse, WI, and they are all about filling local stages with great vibes and energetic grooves! Their most recent single (also accompanied by a matching music video) is really all about bridging the gaps between Americana, Gypsy Soul, and more… Read more CLICK HERE

House Concert Song Swap

Have you ever visited a house concert yet? Do you love the intimacy, the quirky and loving conversation that happens between songs? We’ve been running a series in Holmen WI for over 10 years, and last year we had an awesome concert that really recorded nicely, and since they were all original songs, Humbird (Siri Undlin) and Luke Callen gave me permission to post. And post I did in #Bandcamp with ALL the banter. Sit back and enjoy it with stream or buy it. All the proceeds go to the artists.

Steady Heart – Vicky Emerson (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

She’s almost a neighbor of mine, just 2.5 hours away..

Dancing About Architecture

I think it’s fair to say, without the risk of sounding sexist, that the album currently playing on my stereo is one written by a female and largely intended for a female audience. It’s true that within most arenas of creativity, be it books, films, television shows or music that if you can capture the female audience, you’ve got a hit. We all remember the fuss surrounding the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ books, and ‘The Greatest Showman’, a film released quite recently, panned by critics but audiences loved it.

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Family Tree

Take a little walk right back in time

Feel the wind cool the warm sunshine

Grab the hand of the one you love

Feel the love lookin from above

Just a branch in the family tree

They’re just folk like you & me

Sim’lar eyes, ears, hands & weight

We’re all linked to a common faith

Promenade to a dosey do

Family history we ought to know

Cowboy boots and petticoats

Dancin to the old timey notes



In a farm house out of town

Friends all meet & gather round

Once a year in mid-July

They all travel far & wide

Sing & dance and have some fun

Exactly why they always come

They all leave with memories

Branches of a family tree

 © Rose Riversongs 2005 David Schipper

Take a little walk back in time with this great country bluegrass tune about family reunions. We’re all branches in some family tree and when we look around we see similar eyes, ears, hands and weight. Enjoy the fiddle from the incredible Jessie McDonald from the Pigtown Fling Stringband, and harmonies from the Lucky Dog band. If you would like to buy the song or just read more about us go to Hope you enjoy this trip back to July no matter when you take a chance to watch it. Barn photo by Madison Lysacker and Jessie’s photo by Greg Tooke