Don’t Screw it Up, Again – Lucky Dog (reviewed by Dave Franklin) — Dancing About Architecture

This tender little musical morsel has graced these pages before, in fact its was the first review of the year and it was easy to fall for its numerous musical charms, then as now. The delicate lilting grace, the line it walks between gentle honesty and a more tongue in cheek look at relationships and […]

Don’t Screw it Up, Again – Lucky Dog (reviewed by Dave Franklin) — Dancing About Architecture

NPR Tiny Desk Contest

This year I decided to throw my name in the hat again, and why not submit my parody of Janis Ian’s song Mary’s Eyes. Originally written for an Irish singer Mary Black, I changed enough words to match Lady Mary Crawley. Yes I’m a big fan, and love Lady Mary, though she can be kind a of nasty person sometimes. So guess who will be in line for their movie release this year? ME! Enjoy, like I said in the video, I’d love to know if this gets me in the top 500 of the submissions. Ha.

Lucky Dog’s ‘Don’t Screw it Up, Again’ video out soon

anticipation video premiers March 29th!

Dancing About Architecture

We know through experience that David Schipper is a deft hand at the twisted acoustic tune, that both his solo work and with Lucky Dog helping to bring those songs to a fuller sound, he is great with the gentle, sometimes not so gentle, parody. The recent pean to the heart-aching country ballad, Don’t Screw It Up Again, is actually so close to the subject matter that it is hard to know where the parody ends and the serious song begins. But isn’t that the art of it, to produce something that is both true to the traditions of the genre, that could pass muster yet deals with the subject matter in such a way that it shows up its  nature. That’s satire I guess.

Having featured the song via a lyric video we were excited to see that a fully cinematic video version has been announced for release…

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Wind, the source of comfort on a hot day.

The cause of the snow spray

The generator of power seen from the highway

The dustball rolling on the spillway.

Your are my friend and my nemesis

The cracking of trees limbs

The interruption to a good concert

The transporter of seeds

Good ones and weeds.

You are as might as a jet stream

Or as gentle as a dream.

Carry me away to the next place

Lure me with a caress to my face

Wind oh wind

Do not end.

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

Dream Catcher

Yes I turned the corner in the store to see

a wall of dream catchers; really?

How does an ancient native idea, 

get to be a modern decor piece.

I reach out to marvel at the taught string

wrapped around a birch branch

twisted in an incredibly precise circle

and I was transported to field.

Truly this was not an manufactured China

imitation dream catcher but real

I could smell the grain blowing in the breeze

I see hear my heart beat.

Spiritually my mouth was dry

but I could taste the coolness of a spring

Is this my imagination or did my touch

Open this dream world weaved into this piece.

The feathers so soft appeared to be a pheasant

And the sound of a rustling bird 

Taking to flight was total clarity.

Holy or mystical the dream catcher spirit lived.

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

Cry for attention

Some say it’s a cry for attention

Maybe it is.

Some say I’m a bit impatient

Could be right.

can be useless

All of this analysis 

Or can be priceless

just because.

When push comes to shove

I’m just hungry

Hungry for word filled love

Yep a chat.

Fill me up with ideas 

Glint your eyes

Just talk about whatever

And I’ll be fine.

Well until then, I’ll write

Even if it feels

Just a little contrite

Being one sided.

Plus I’ll likely cry

or whine

To myself this time

for attention.

By Dave Schipper (c) 2019 Rose Roseriversongs

In the morning…

I love the way I see you in the morning.

Your face as pure and unpainted

The pain from the morning distress

The lines from the linens pressed

Unsightly and not presentable is false

Real and my companion for life

I can see the smiles and the laughter

Mixed in the blahs of morning after

You are a soul mate that refreshes me

When I really would rather shut down

You nourish me with a great song

One that I take with me all day long.

by Dave Schipper (c) 2019 Rose Riversongs

Video Premier March 29th

The official music video to Lucky Dog’s new country classic is being released March 29th at 5:00 Central Standard US. This 30 something on his second go around is determined to not screw it up this time. So take divorce, add in beer, bars, fiddle and guitar and it’s a perfect Americana Country song. The sad lonely fiddle captures the mood, but like in a good movie, this one ends happy. The lyrics, chords, and music licensing are at our website : The video includes Dave Schipper : Guitar / Vocals / Writer Jessie McDonald : Fiddle Lynn Konsela : Harmony Linda Vale : Star with a dimple Zack Gaugush : Lonesome 30 something Band was filmed at Bluff View House Concerts in Holmen WI by Terry Konsela Couple was filmed at Pearl Street Brewery in La Crosse WI by Rogie Films Directed and Edited by Lucky Dog

Review of Family Tree

Lucky Dog is a charismatic music project with a passion for Americana. The project was created by David Schipper, a songwriter with a life-long fascination for quality music and authentic songwriting.

Lucky Dog is based out of La Crosse, WI, and they are all about filling local stages with great vibes and energetic grooves! Their most recent single (also accompanied by a matching music video) is really all about bridging the gaps between Americana, Gypsy Soul, and more… Read more CLICK HERE