Dream Catcher

Yes I turned the corner in the store to see

a wall of dream catchers; really?

How does an ancient native idea, 

get to be a modern decor piece.

I reach out to marvel at the taught string

wrapped around a birch branch

twisted in an incredibly precise circle

and I was transported to field.

Truly this was not an manufactured China

imitation dream catcher but real

I could smell the grain blowing in the breeze

I see hear my heart beat.

Spiritually my mouth was dry

but I could taste the coolness of a spring

Is this my imagination or did my touch

Open this dream world weaved into this piece.

The feathers so soft appeared to be a pheasant

And the sound of a rustling bird 

Taking to flight was total clarity.

Holy or mystical the dream catcher spirit lived.

by Dave Schipper (c) 2018 Rose Riversongs

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