Lucky Dog’s ‘Don’t Screw it Up, Again’ video out soon

anticipation video premiers March 29th!

Dancing About Architecture

We know through experience that David Schipper is a deft hand at the twisted acoustic tune, that both his solo work and with Lucky Dog helping to bring those songs to a fuller sound, he is great with the gentle, sometimes not so gentle, parody. The recent pean to the heart-aching country ballad, Don’t Screw It Up Again, is actually so close to the subject matter that it is hard to know where the parody ends and the serious song begins. But isn’t that the art of it, to produce something that is both true to the traditions of the genre, that could pass muster yet deals with the subject matter in such a way that it shows up its  nature. That’s satire I guess.

Having featured the song via a lyric video we were excited to see that a fully cinematic video version has been announced for release…

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